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Separating 'IN' from 'FERTILE'

To me, the term 'infertile' should be used in far fewer cases than it is used these days. Instead, the term 'sub-fertile' should be used. Many women don't struggle with complete infertility but rather a sub-par version of their true fertility. Whether it be related to lifestyle factors like diet, sleep, exercise, body products, stress, etc. or due to reproductive roadblocks like fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS, immunological concerns or genetics, we can work together to move around, over and through these roadblocks to maximize your fertility and erase the 'in' from your fertility journey. 

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Maximizing Egg & Sperm Quality

When you decide to start trying to conceive, it is important to consider the quality of both your eggs and his sperm. As the body works to develop new eggs and sperm regularly, it is reliant on various vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to build those cells into healthy ones that are capable of finding their match and beginning the reproduction cycle successfully. Poor quality eggs will hinder ovulation and the eggs will be less receptive to finding and accepting fertilization by sperm. Poor quality sperm will impact sperm count, motility, form and concentration. It takes up to 90 days to impact the health of your reproductive cells (eggs & sperm) so, if you're thinking about conceiving in the next 3-6 months, consider working on egg and sperm quality now. 

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Support Through FOUR Stages of Pregnancy

From breast tenderness and nausea through to delivery and breastfeeding, you can use support through each phase of your pregnancy. While there are only three trimesters commonly considered in pregnancy, often the fourth trimester can be he hardest and most challenging to navigate. The first 100 days post delivery can bring up handfuls of health concerns for both mom & babe. From a positive pregnancy test through to the end of your fourth trimester, no part of your pregnancy has to be a struggle. Nutrition, herbals, certain exercises and acupuncture can all work to support you as you grow, deliver and nourish your baby. 

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Ditch the Mood Swings, Heating Pads & Midol

Someone once said to me "a healthy period should have no symptoms." And while I don't exactly agree with that because your uterus is quite literally shedding a layer of itself and your hormones are plummeting from their peak to their lowest low of the month, your period can still be manageable and not completely interfere with your normal daily life. The extreme irritability, cramps so painful they've got you pinned to the bed, and feeling like your stomach could pop it's so bloated are symptoms we can alleviate with naturopathic medicine. Each woman's cycle will look a little different and will require the right combination of foods, supplements, and physical medicine. You don't have to suffer for 5/30 days each month. 

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Post Birth Control Syndrome

Taking the pill puts your hormones into hibernation mode. When you've been on the pill for a long time, it can take your body quite some time to find its normal hormonal rhythm again. From some women, their period will return regularly within three months,.. for other women, it will take up to two years. Most women will experience better moods, more energy and regular cycles after coming off the pill. Other women will experience a flare in acne, PMS or amenorrhea (the lack of a cycle at all). Usually women decide to stop taking the pill once they're ready to start trying for a baby so not having a regular period can become extremely frustrating. With a simple work up, we can figure out where your period has gone and how to establish a healthy hormonal rhythm again. 

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Estrogen has Left the Building

Hot flashes, night sweats, poor sleep, low energy, low libido, etc etc etc. All the long awaited for symptoms of menopause. Your hormones are jumping from high to low, low to high and leaving you feeling defeated and miserable during these years or transition. While there is no magic pill to completely rid the symptoms of menopause entirely, there is a whole tool kit of options to alleviate your suffering. Your hot flashes can become less severe and less frequent, you can get good quality sleep to help you feel more rested and energized, and the roadblocks to a healthy libido can be overcome. While menopause is a completely normal phase of life, it doesn't have to govern how you transition through these years.

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